The World of Tomorrow

DeFi is going to shape our world in a much fairer way than most people can imagine. DeFi is not about food tokens, airdrops, and getting rich quick. It’s about giving people back control over their finances.

Each dollar that is saved on your bank account today is worthless tomorrow. Each ETH that you hold today on Aave is worth more as time goes by.

In DeFi, nobody has the chance to dilute your savings. This is the beauty of this new technology. Everyone is equal.

Ethereum has a fixed inflation rate, which means that no single authority can change that! Anyone can verify every emitted Ether, and as long as you trust in math, you can believe in DeFi.

This is the mission we are on right now! We need to change the corrupt and unfair financial system of our time. DeFi is much more than just airdrops and Ponzi games; it’s about making finance fair again. It’s about creating a fundamentally fair environment for companies to thrive.

Today we are far away from this kind of mass adoption. Currently, our networks are too slow, too expensive, and too small. We need to solve many problems along the way, and this is also HBS’s visions.